How To Choose a Good Generic Cialis?

Cialis is the second most popular erectile dysfunction (ED) drug in the world. He almost replaced Viagra in the global pharmaceutical market due to its mild effect on the body of a man, a small number of side effects, as well as the possibility of using it on an ongoing basis and combining it with a moderate amount of alcohol. These benefits attract many men to Cialis who are not entirely satisfied with the effect of Viagra or who want to use a drug that is not the most drastic. However, the strengths of Cialis are certainly balanced by its serious drawback - the high price. The branded drug, which is produced by the American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, costs up to $180 for a tablet with a maximum dosage (20 mg). Of course, few people can afford to treat impotence at such a price. Generics of Cialis come to the aid of men - analogues of this medicine, which are produced by other pharmaceutical companies and sold under other names. Their production became possible several years ago, after the patent protection of the original drug expired. They are much cheaper than their prototype, sometimes by 90% of its cost.

However, in modern society one can still observe a wary attitude towards generics. Many consumers are wondering how to choose a good cheap Cialis generic, not to miscalculate and not to face a low-quality medicine that can harm the body. Actually, the answer is quite simple

First of all, you need to pay attention to the generic manufacturer. Don't be too lazy to enter the name of the company into the search engine and find out in which country it is registered and when it was founded. The network has information about all more or less large and reliable companies. If there is no information on the company name, it is better to opt for another generic.

Also, if you are buying a generic Cialis online (and in the US it is almost impossible to buy a cheap generic Cialis in offline pharmacies, so most transactions take place in online pharmacies), please note that the pharmacy website must contain a license number giving the right for the sale of medicines, as well as the period of its validity.

Finally, it goes without saying that it is categorically impossible to purchase Viagra generics not in official pharmacies, but according to ads on forums, bulletin boards, by hand, in sex shops. On such sites, there is a high risk of encountering a fake, low-quality or expired Cialis generic.

Today, Cialis generics are produced by almost all major pharmaceutical companies in various countries of the world, from the UK to Slovakia, from Australia to Canada, from India to Malaysia. Men have no shortage of options to choose from. However, Indian medicines have the best reputation among Tadalafil generics in the low price segment, Canadian and Hungarian ones on average, and British ones in the relatively high price segment. Purchases of Tadalafil made in China should be avoided, because this country doesn't have licensed pharmaceutical companies for 2022 that would send their Cialis generics for export. Therefore, any offer to buy Chinese Cialis automatically means that this is a dubious medicine that has not passed certification and control, perhaps a fake or placebo, and that the pharmacy that offers it is not trustworthy.

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